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Blog 6th April 2014

I have been developing more of the work for a new series of paintings. These focus on the small objects that we pass by every day and which we usually don’t notice. They may be small furry buds, rose hips, feathers or silky pussy willow.
IMG_2630 copy
This painting shows a green woodpecker feather, found in the garden just lying on the grass where it looked insignificant. Held up to the light it glows and an iridescent chartreuse stripe gleams all down one side of it. The spots on the other side of the feather are a surprise and are usually hidden. The photograph cannot do justice either to feather or painting.

The magnolia buds are also green and have short green brown hairs – they are a lovely shape, like a candle bulb. The magnolia is the central focus for the painting and is necessarily quite sculptural; the other found objects pay homage to the central piece.


Started just a couple of weeks ago this work is nearing completion and the recent warm weather has meant the magnolia is now alight with large creamy blooms, buds no more. How the large flowers emerge so fat and lustrous out of the buds, once tightly furled and creased is almost beyond comprehension.

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